Our team has years of experience in successful representation of international manufacturers of pumps, compressors, desalter, valves, pipes, heat exchangers and other major equipment. Having those experiences given us confidence of providing the same exemplary services to our clients by associating ourselves with more reputed players of equipment manufacturers and service providers.

We will provide necessary assistance to our principals to Pre-Qualify their products and services with major clients in order to be included in the approved list and to facilitate in the participation of tenders

We shall update our principals about market situation with projects reports, research and provide periodic reports regarding customers, sales activities.

We will assist our principals in providing local supports including customs clearance and visa assistance etc. to complete the supply services.

We shall support our principals in preparing the proposal and negotiations as required.


We are a leading supplier of Abrasives such as Garnet, PS Balls, Copper slag, Coal Slag, Glass Beads, Aluminum Oxide etc...


Garnet is an ecofriendly, hard, heavy, durable abrasive for steel surface preparation. Garnet can be used for cleaning steel in various applications including ship building and repair, tanks, offshore platforms, and pipelines. Our garnet is produced in india and our major source of supplies from IREL,BMC,IMC & TRIMEX. Our abrasives are approved by KOC,KNPC and KIPIC.

PS Balls

We are the supplier of PS Ball (Precious Slag Ball) abrasive which is a blasting abrasive made out of Steel Slag Atomizing Process considered a substitute for sand and copper slags. It is ecofriendly and known to emit less dust during blasting.
We proud to represent M/s Ecomaister, Korean Company who have invented Slag Atomizing Technology back in 1995 and won “Ten Best New Technology in Korea” in 1999.

Blasting Equipment

We are an exclusive agent for TECH BLAST blast pots, Made in UK. The equipment is complying with Industrial safety standards and delivering outstanding performance and long life

Paint Pump

We are also the supplier of Airless Spray Pump. We represent M/s Bando, Korea in Kuwait. These pumps have the advantage of user friendly pressure control system, smooth operation and powerful painting. It can be used to spray fluids like Epoxy Paints and High Viscosity Coatings. This serves the protective coating requirements at shipyards, petrochemical companies, oil and natural gas refineries, pipeline works and structural steel. Bando pumps played a key role in Al-Zour Refinery Project.

Injection Machine & Packer

Injection Packer

Injection Pump